What is miSpot?

miSpot is a 4G LTE high speed wireless broadband Internet service provider that was created to provide residents in select areas of Michigan with wireless Internet capabilities that have never been available to them before or where only a few choices have been offered. New 4G LTE technology enables even the most remote rural locations the opportunity to gain fast and reliable access to the Internet.

miSpot goes where others won’t go and unlike DSL or cable, miSpot is portable. You can use it at the coffee shop or at the beach, on your boat or at home, at work or at the kids’ little league game, or anywhere else you go in miSpot’s service area. If you are in another miSpot coverage area in a different town, the Internet is still available for you – at no extra charge. Try doing that with cable or DSL!

miSpot is just getting started! Our first service launched in early 2013 and there are many more service areas soon to follow. Take a look at our coverage map for updates on new service “spots”.

What is miSpot? It is a whole new world waiting for you!